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The Advantages of Biometric Door Lock

The Advantages of Biometric Door Lock

The invention of the biometric door lock has changed the way in which we ensure security both in our personal lives and throughout the workplace. It allows for unique identification in which the characteristics of a person can be used to make a positive identification. For example, no two individuals will have the same voice, fingerprints or DNA. This allows for fingerprint door locks, voice systems and DNA identification all to be used for extra levels of security. This innovation adds a level of security that we have never seen before and one that brings with it several unique benefits. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy from using biometric door locks.

High Levels of Security Based on Fingerprints

No matter where you look across the globe, no two sets of people have the exact same set of fingerprints. The design of every fingerprint is completely unique to the individual and cannot be replicated easily. Therefore, should a door with fingerprint door lock only be unlocked by a set of registered fingerprints is almost impossible for an intruder to gain entry. Unlike many traditional password locks (which were considered innovative at the time), it is almost impossible to hack a fingerprint system without the fingerprint required. This is ideal for home application as well as the workplace, in which if an individual attempting to break in, it can be blocked from the system entirely.

No More Lost Keys or Finding Your Missing Keys

You’ve woken up late in the morning and you’re running late for work. You’ve got everything ready but wait… where are your keys? You look under the bed, under the kitchen table around the house and they’re nowhere to be seen. Ever had this problem? This is a habit that many of us have and can become very costly if you lose your keys on a regular basis. If you lose your keys completely, then the only way forward is to change your lock entirely. This can be not only very expensive, but also very time consuming if you already lead a busy lifestyle. An individual of your household must be present during the change, which can be very inconvenient. Even if you were to use a security card, the problem would be the same (and likely more expensive. However, when utilizing a fingerprint door lock it’s impossible for you to lose your ‘key’. Your fingerprint will always be around and therefore can be used to quickly access your home. Nobody else can gain access to the property unless they have access via their fingerprint. This will help to save you time, hassle, and inconvenience in the future.

Extremely Difficult to Override

No matter what biometric door lock you choose, it will be extremely difficult and in most cases entirely impossible to override. Many other types of keyless systems such as passwords or key cards can be hacked by criminals who specialize in hacking such systems. However, fingerprint systems cannot be hacked by a person attempting to gain access. For them to do so, they would need a fingerprint that matches your own which would be impossible to gain access to.

More Secure Than a Traditional Lock

One of the key benefits of using a fingerprint door lock is that unlike a traditional lock, it simply cannot be picked or copied. There have been thousands of reports around the globe on traditional door locks being duplicated, which has allowed burglars to steal from the property when nobody was around. In many cases, these individuals have gained access to sensitive information such as passwords and computer data. From a business perspective, this can result in where the business is forced to close. For example, if you own a dental practice and an individual stole your consumer’s data. You would be fully liable for this breach of data which could result in multiple lawsuits, as well as the cost of any valuable items that were stolen.

Extremely User Friendly

Fingerprint door locks are extremely user friendly. They can be installed with ease and once installed; it is simple to operate. Once you have programmed the system (or hired someone to do so) it will work efficiently without any further maintenance. Should any problems occur, the distributor of the system will be able to guide you through the support process or send an engineer out to help you directly.

More Economical

Although the initial purchase and installation of such a system may appear expansive at first, in the long run you will save a significant amount of money. You’ll be investing in a lock that can withstand any weather conditions from rain and snow to extreme heat without rusting or requiring consistent maintenance. With a traditional lock, you would have to cover the price of consistent repairs and overheads which would add up over time. This is where you’ll save money and sleep happily knowing your business or home is protected 24/7, 365 days a year.


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