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Our Projects

Installation of 2 x Facial Recognition Access Device and Multiple CCTV throughout @mothership's compound. Please ignore the hair, it was early in the morning! Thank you @mothership! Job Done!
  • Aug 16
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blog Turnstile
Tested & Commissioned our NZN® Full-Height Turnstile. Thank you Cytiva! Job Done!
blog Analogue Clock
It was an honor implementing our NZN® Wireless Synchronised Analogue Clock System in the Mosque. Thank you @Masjin Al-Ansar for Synchronising with Us. Job Done!
blog Turnstile
Customised NZN® Turnstiles Tested and Commissioned.   Job Done!
blog Key Management System
Successfully Deployed our Key Management System with Web-Based Software K-64 (64 Keys) for Sembawang Secondary School.  Mounting of bracket, aligning storage box Job Done!