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Yes, our technicians are proficient in GPS-Synchronized Clock, CCTV, Door Access, Turnstile, and Burglar Alarm installation. Jack of all trades indeed.Job Done!
  • Oct 20
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blog Digital Clock
Every second matters in examination. With our Taiwan manufactured GPS and Digital Clocks, it will be more accurate than the Series 7 you are wearing. A single GPS is enough to synchronize all clocks within 1km radius. (Both Analogue and Digital Clocks) Job done!
blog Digital Clock
Majority of our clienteles are in the education sector. One GPS device is all it takes to Synchronized all clocks within 1km. (Both Digital & Analogue Clocks) Job Done!
blog Digital Clock
Installation was a challenge for our technicians as the weather was not cooperating at all. But it was a breeze for our Weather Proof Digital Clock! Job done!
blog Digital Clock
Our 20cm outdoor GPS-Synchronized Digital Clocks was installed in all corners of The British Club's tennis courts.