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Tested & Commissioned our NZN® Full-Height Turnstile. Thank you Cytiva! Job Done!
  • Jun 27
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blog Turnstile
Customised NZN® Turnstiles Tested and Commissioned.   Job Done!
blog Access System
The installation of full-height turnstile @ACS was challenging to us. Many new requirements was only conveyed to us after the installation was done. Despite the obstacles, our team of competent technicians & IT was able to fulfill all of the impromptu tasks laid out before them. Job done!
blog Access System
Glad to be supporting Singapore's Home Grown brand. A total of 4 lanes Turnstile installed in 2 different warehouse location, both location utilising our technological advance Face Recognition Access System integrated on to the turnstiles for seamless operation. Integration of Face Verification Device.Job Done!