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What Are The Different Kinds Of Biometric Devices And Lock Systems?

What Are The Different Kinds Of Biometric Devices And Lock Systems?

With the advent of technology, new devices, and smart systems have been developed. The use of smart and digital control access and security systems is on the rise. Different methods for the recognition, identification, and verification of the people are designed and installed. One such system for security, locking, and control access is the biometric system. Biometric devices use different characteristics and personal identification details, such as biometric fingerprint devices or biometric facial recognition, to provide maximum protection and authorisation.

Biometric devices unlock doors and grant entrance by identifying one personal information or a combination of different details. The individual characteristic works in place of a conventional key and gives access to personnel. Also, they use a scanner and store the information, such as fingerprints, voice, or face image. Upon entrance or exit, the device scans and determines if you are an authorised person and allows access. Such devices have offered better security and high convenience to employers and homeowners.

Types Of Biometric Devices

Biometric Fingerprint Device

Biometric fingerprint device includes the recognition of fingerprint impression of a person. These devices keep the record of all the fingerprints and data of the people. Whenever you install this device in your home or office, you have to feed the data of the personnel who should have access to that place. The fingerprint images will be saved in the device with data in its software. So, when people try to enter the building, they put their fingers on the scanner, and the device matches their fingerprint with the data stored in it. Once it finds the match, it grants access to that person.

Iris Recognition Device

One type of biometric system is iris recognition. It involves recognising, identifying, and verifying patterns of the people's pupils of the eye. People have different iris colours, such as brown, grey, blue, black, or green. Also, the patterns are not noticeable upon close inspection, but there are differences. The device can capture the minute details of the pupil and distinguish one person's iris from another. That helps in identifying the personnel and unlocking doors.

Voice Recognition System

Voice recognition technology is a biometric system that decodes the human voice. It captures the speech pattern and identifies and distinguishes different people's voices. Each person's voice has a different frequency, pitch, and tone. This voice recognition system has software that stores the voice and interprets it. You can use this biometric system for controlling access and locking system. You can close and unlock the door with your voice command when this system is installed at a place.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Another most popular biometric device that is used for security purposes is the biometric facial recognition device. It includes the identification and verification of the facial features of a person. A digital image of the people is stored in the database of the face recognition system. It captures the digital print of those people and compares and analyses them with the image stored in the system accurately. Various smartphone applications and social media sites use this system for security. It is also useful in online marketing by tagging and recognising the target audience through this feature.

Get The Best Biometric Devices

As technology continues to develop, various new types of biometric devices and security systems will be manufactured as well. These smart-systems enhance safety, guarantee authorised access, and keep the record and data stored within the software. You can utilise biometric devices for various purposes, such as time attendance, control access, and a locking system. If you want to install a biometric fingerprint device, biometric facial recognition device, or any other biometric system in your home or office, you can contact BDE Technology Pte. Ltd.

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