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Why Should You Install Fingerprint Door Locks?

Why Should You Install Fingerprint Door Locks?

In this new age, when everything is digitalising, security measures have also taken a new and innovative turn. Now, smart locks are available in the form of fingerprint door lock and guard tour systems. These smart locks and systems provide access and monitor the entrance and exit of any building. Many homeowners and offices have started preferring this digital lock system for the benefits they offer. Here are a few of the reasons why you can consider installing a fingerprint lock system in your office or home.    

Controls The Traffic

A fingerprint system is a part of the biometric lock system, in which a scanner is installed at the entrance and exit. This system is programmed and has data of thousands of people stored in it. The fingerprint data of all the employees is recorded in these scanners. So, when anyone has to enter the building, they scan their finger and the device recognised and retrieve their fingerprint and grant access. Hence, it controls the traffic and influx of people at the entrance and allows entry to only authorised personnel.

Enhanced Security

Fingerprint door lock systems is a modern and digitalised security system. It maximizes and enhances security than a conventional door lock. The traditional key locks are able to provide protection and keep the premises secure, but they are also easy to pick. Multiple people can have the same key, and anyone can get a copy of it. However, this is not the case with fingerprint locks; it requires individual fingerprints to grant access. Thus, the security enhances as it captures the entrance and exit of the employees and other people. Moreover, you can pair it with a guard tour system, due to which the structure of a company can become more organised and flawless.

Difficult To Break In The System

Even though the fingerprint scanner looks like a delicate and fragile device, invaders might consider it easy to break in and interfere with its security system. However, they are absolutely mistaken and wrong in assuming this. These smart locks may look nifty and compact, but their manufacturing is highly durable. Moreover, they come with alarms and alerts that inform the security authorities immediately if anyone tries to break in or meddle with the device.  

Keeps A Check On Employees

Fingerprint door lock system keeps the data of all the employees. It can record the entrance and exit times of the workers and keeps a check on the people who have accessed the building. This helps in ensuring a seamless examination of the personnel and their timings in the building. In large offices, it facilitates by keeping track of the employees, and a combination of it with the patrolling system may support guard tours.

Automatically Opens And Closes The Door

The most significant benefit of these smart locks is that they are highly convenient. Once you scan the finger, the door opens up automatically, and after your entrance, it will close on its own. This offers a massive advantage to the home and building owners. No one has to close or unlock the door manually.

Decreases The False Attendances Or Piggybacking

Usually, in offices, people mark each other's attendance if they use a card access system. Also, people take advantage of the opened door and enter the building behind the other person. However, with a fingerprint lock, people who have entered the building without scanning their fingerprints will not be able to leave the premises. The exit scanner will not register their entrance; hence, it will not grant them an exit.

Find The Most Immaculate Fingerprint Door Lock System

Digital access control systems, using fingerprint locks, provide maximum security and convenience.  If you want to upgrade the security of your home or office, you can contact BDE Technology Pte Ltd for the installation of fingerprint door locks, guard tour systems, and many other smart systems.
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