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Analogue Clock
It was an honor implementing our NZN® Wireless Synchronised Analogue Clock System in the Mosque. Thank you @Masjin Al-Ansar for Synchronising with Us. Job Done!
  • Jun 27
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blog Analogue Clock
Synchronized by a single GPS, our NZN® Analogue Clocks are now proudly situated in Warren Gold Course. Ain't she a beaut! Thank you @Warren Gold & Country Club for Synchronizing with us!
blog Analogue Clock
December School Holiday Installation. A total of 88 x Wireless Analogue Clocks & 9 x Wireless Digital Clocks deployed. All of which Synchronized Wirelessly with 1 x GPS Master Device. Thank you for Synchronizing with us @North Vista Primary School
blog Analogue Clock
We are lucky to have technicians that are not afraid of heights! Deployed our classic analogue clock on the highest point of Sembawang Secondary School.