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Are Biometric Door Locks Secure?

Are Biometric Door Locks Secure?

For tech savvy homes, offices and big business organizations, fingerprint door access are quite important security measures. They allow you to enter and exit the room without any key fumbling. Also, they help you manage your security in a better way as only those people whose biometric has been registered would be able to access.

Here is some detailed information about biometric door access so you can understand the system better before installing them.

What is a Biometric Door Lock?

Biometric door locks make use of personally identifiable information in place of traditional metal key. They have a thermal or optimal scanner for storing the fingerprints of anyone who is authorize for unlocking the door. As the scanner identified you are the authorized user, it asks you to input a PIN for door unlocking. These are the kind of locks that provides you with convenience with additional security and would not need to keep track of a bunch of keys. But yes, these kind of locks do come with a fail-safe key for certain situations when the batteries or electric power fails to unlock the door.

Points You Should Know About Fingerprint Door Lock:

Here are some important points that you should know about biometric door lock.

1. They Look Cool with Great First Impression:

There were times when the fingerprint scanners were the thing that belongs to the fantasy or at least it was only accessible to the people who have loads of money, so they put a hole in our wallets. However, now with each passing year the prices of fingerprint door locks are getting down. But still these are the devices that have the ability to amaze people when they first see it. Also, these kinds of locks are highly useful & practical nowadays for offices and businesses.

2. A Package of Convenience and Niftiness:

Yes, unlocked doors are convenient but not secure and tradition locks are secure but not convenient. So here comes the biometric door access that is a combination of the two thing, convenience, and niftiness. It only grants access to those that are verified without needing to lock or unlock the door every time they pass through it. Moreover, this kind of door is great for high traffic entries that requires security without being an obstacle for the people in the path. So, this is a great option for big & small businesses.

3. You Get Access To More Options With Hybrid Models:

It is better to choose electronic door locks with several options of accessibility. Here is the point for hybrid fingerprint door locks. These are the devices with different keypads allowing you to quickly share access to others by providing them the key code and changing the code when revoking the access rights for those people. The ability to make use of mechanical keys is also helpful when there is no power but a need for door usage. The mixture of these three provides you a better security system. To put this simply, it means that hybrid models give you more option to choose the best solution for whatever situation you are in.

4. Make Sure To Check FRR and FAR Ratings:

The FRR that is False Rejection Ratings let you know how often the reader fails to accept a verified fingerprint on its first try. One the other hand, the FAR that is false Acceptance rating let you know how many times the reader unlock using an unverified fingerprint. There is 1% or below this for the acceptance of FRR and 0.0001% is the bare minimum acceptance level for FARs.

Following this, you must need to assure that you buy your fingerprint door locks from the most reputable source as there are possibility for fake stuff too.

Are Smart Locks Actually More Secure?

Smart locks are created to provide convenience and increase home security. The quality of a smart lock's hardware and software determines its security. If a biometric device is easily defeated, it does not provide any more security. Furthermore, if a digital lock's software has a flaw, hackers may be able to use it to unlock your door as if they were you. Because smart locks typically include a physical key, if you have the key, you can still gain entry if you forget the PIN or the lock's power supply is cut off.

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