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Why Do You Need A Synchronized Analog Clock System?

Why Do You Need A Synchronized Analog Clock System?

Designing a commercial space like a school, examination center, office, or a bank? Have you considered how the time system will work in the facility? When choosing a time-telling machine for a commercial space, the needs of people are important. There are a lot of benefits of an analog clock system as it is specifically designed while keeping commercial space in mind. 

A synchronized analog clock system is what you’ll need to keep everyone on the same page, correct to every second of the clock.

Facility-wide synchronized clocks are of great importance when it comes to tracking critical events such as beginning and end time of examination, thefts and accident investigation, world time zone clock for business dealings etc.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Synchronized Clocks

A GPS embedded clock system synchronizes itself with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), making it reliable and accurate. It functions by receiving the signals directly from the GPS satellite or more appropriately, global navigation system, by means of a transmitter. The back-end system of the synchronized clocks or the local master clock becomes the single source for the buzzer system and all the slave synchronized clocks.

Timekeeping accuracy is usually a few milliseconds at the most. GPS clocks eliminate the need for manually adjusting the clock time, which is a painstaking process in manual clocks.

World Timezone Clock

Synchronized GPS clock also aligns you to the world timezone clock, so you know what time it is around the world at any moment. This aspect is especially important in places such as multinational companies, corporate offices, government offices and banks where overseas communication is an integral part of the daily chores. Corporations can set the series of clocks to different time countries the company works in. The whole idea is to have the correct knowledge of what time it is at your current location and in different zones of the world. Analog time zone clocks are usually accompanied by country name plates along with clock displays. They are easy to install and easy to configure. 

School Clock System

Synchronized clock systems for schools are an excellent way to bring standardization in every manner, from students, teachers to staff punctuality. Schools heavily rely on big dial displays to streamline assemblies, course change, recess and lunch time. Accurately synchronized clocks lifted the burden off of the shoulders of the administration because the entire school system is running on the same ticking of the clock. Timed events such as exams and extracurricular activities will highly rely on the accuracy and large dial display of synchronized analog clock. Precision matters a lot when the same test is being carried out in different rooms or facilities, synchronized clocks offer the precise time measurement where time measurement becomes a focal point of integrity of the institution.  Here are some more benefits of synchronized analog clock system that your seller may not have told you.

Eliminate Time Slack

The on-point accuracy of a GPS synchronized clock system not only standardizes the time system of the office building, shopfloor or the bell system of the school to eliminate negative behaviors.

A Pocket-Friendly Alternative

If you need to buy a large number of clocks, analog would be a better option than digital.

For starter, analog clocks are slightly more affordable as compared to digital clocks. So if the facility has multiple halls and buildings, you are likely going to have to install a hundred clocks and price will become a major turn off.

Besides, when compared with digital displays, these kinds of clocks are more energy efficient. This can also at the same time help the organization as an overall to conserve electricity. Most analog clocks are powered by AA battery packs that naturally extend their maintenance for several years without even requiring a battery replacement which also makes them a great eco-friendly option over digital counterparts.

Gives You The Classic Feel:

The decision to buy an analog clock also depends on the kind of place that requires it. Do you need clocks for classrooms? Analog clocks are commonly used in classroom these days, mainly because it is energy efficient since a school usually has a larger number of classrooms.

Old fashioned analog clocks give you a great aesthetic flexibility when compared with most of the digital readouts that seems the same to each other. You will find a wide variety of styles, designs and dial size. For the finishing, you have a lot of options rather than simply going for mundane aluminum or steel casing; wood trim, or plastic molding has a texture of their own. To take it one step further, you can customize the clock dial by getting your logo or branding on it and displaying it in every corner of the office.


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