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Face Recognition Door Access System @Beril Engineering Door Access System

Face Recognition Door Access System @Beril Engineering

Leading in security technology, BDE Technology introduces our advanced face recognition door access system. Designed with accuracy and user convenience in mind, this system marks a major advancement in access control and security solutions.

Key Features and Specifications

Seamless Integration

Our system integrates with existing security setups effortlessly, enhancing overall security without the need for major changes. This compatibility works smoothly with various third-party systems including:

  • Payroll management software (Adaptive Pay, Time Access, etc)
  • Time attendance tracking hardware
  • Access control lock devices

Enhanced Security Measures

The system is designed to provide strong protection against unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of sensitive areas. Key security features include:

  • Advanced facial recognition technology that prevents potential intrusions
  • Integration with security camera systems for a comprehensive coverage

Payroll and Attendance Efficiency

Our face recognition door access system simplifies the payroll and attendance processes by:

  • Having a seamless connection with HRMS systems (Adaptive Pay, Time Access, etc)
  • Accurately recording time and attendance data
  • Generating detailed reports for payroll calculation

Durable and Reliable Design

Built to withstand various environmental conditions, our system features include:

  • A sturdy stainless-steel enclosure
  • Resistance against moisture, heat, and dust
  • Reliable operation even in low-light conditions

Energy-Efficient Operation

Designed with sustainability in mind, our system operates efficiently, reducing energy consumption without compromising on performance.

Connect with Us

Enhance your security and streamline efficiency with BDE Technology's face recognition door access system. You can contact BDE Technology through our contact details to know more about the face recognition system or to get a detailed pricing structure for installation personalised to your requirements. Our experts would be pleased to assist you and discuss its features, advantages, and pricing of setting up a face recognition door access system with you in detail.

Contact BDE Technology and experience unmatched security at affordable prices.

Successfully deployed multiple Face Recognition Door Access System onsite. Our experienced in-house Technicians also linked the Door Access System to the company's 7 x PABX Phone System.


Face Recognition Door Access System

Face Recognition Door Access System

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